Lady Lancers Conquer at Homecoming Volleyball Game

By Claire Lehman-Schletewitz

The Women’s Volleyball team took on Taylor University on Oct. 5. The team ascended onto the court with excitement and boundless energy as they warmed up before the game; the Red Zone was packed with students ready to see the volleyball team crush their opponents.

As the game went on and our team was unable to win the first game by just a few points, spirits began to dwindle. However, the Lancers were able to conquer the second game and then the fourth.

When the fifth game got started, our volleyball team was able to ramp each other up and bring more energy to the court than was seen from any other part during the game. With incredible hits and beautiful serves, our women crushed the competition in the final game, getting another win for Grace.

Marta Bleed led the Lancers with 18 kills, Alexa Hill with 57 assists, and Gina Novotny with 20 digs. The Red Zone jumped to their feet and cheered for their victors. The Lady Lancers will be back in action on Oct. 12 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 7 p.m.

Shown above: Marta Bleed (#11), Kelsey Smith (#20), Caylie Teel (#10), Alexa Hill (#12), and Gina Novotny (#4).