Lacrosse Looks to Improve with Each Game

By  Rachel Franklin

Spring 2014 will be the first official season for the Grace College women’s lacrosse team. We played a total of four games spring of 2013, but they were not being recorded for anything. However, this year our team made a pretty big step; we were inducted into the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League. This league includes Division 1 and Division 2 teams from the Midwest area. Season play is from Feb. 1-April 12 this year, and the League Championships will be held on April 18-19. Grace College is placed in the Division 2 South Region on the WCLL website. We will be competing against other Division 2 schools as well as some Division 1 schools such as Notre Dame and Ball State, and are really excited about it!

One thing our team is focusing on is improvement and growth. With the exception of myself, this is the first official lacrosse season for every girl on the team. Our team has made a goal to go out and be better than the last time. This applies to drills in practice as well as in games. We desire to work hard, challenge each other, and have fun while doing it.

Another team goal that we have is to build community with one another. This is something that is so exciting to hear as a coach/player. Being a Christian school, we share the same faith as one another, which other teams in the WCLL do not have. This is an excellent opportunity to grow as a team and to encourage one another on and off the field. Christ is the example that we strive to be like, and we want that to be evident to the other teams we play. We want other referees, coaches, and players to notice a difference in us, and when we let Christ work through us, awesome things can happen.

We are stoked about this upcoming season and everything that it will bring! Of our ten games, we will be hosting Taylor, Notre Dame, Ball State, University of Michigan-Flint, and Butler here at Miller Field. If you want to find out more information on when games are, check out our Facebook page! We hope you all will come out this season and support us!!