Campus Life

Jumpstart on the Joust: Interview with Tyler Tillett

By Alaister McFarren

The Joust will run from April 20-23, 2017.

For all the incoming freshmen, what exactly IS the Joust?

Tyler: The Joust is a campus-wide, weeklong event involving competitions for almost every type of skill set and passion.  It incorporates teamwork, yet still focuses on individual performance for certain events.  SAB does a good job of mixing in both types of competitions throughout the week.  You are automatically on a team if you attend Grace College, no getting out of it.  However, you can choose the events to participate in.  The halls are divided up into random teams, and then students sign up on their halls for individual events they want to do.  After the sign-up period is over, the captains go through the list of people who signed up and pick the students who would be most qualified for each specific competition.

What’s the history of the Joust?

Tyler: The Joust originated from a neighboring school but under a different name, Olympiad.  Grace observed elements of the specific events, and we created our own new and improved Joust.

How did you first get involved with the Joust?

Tyler: I am very competitive, so when I heard about the event my freshman year, I was all in. I signed up with a few friends, and we were determined that our team would be the champs, and we were.

Best experience in the Joust?

Tyler: My favorite Joust experience so far would be being a part of creating the dance that happens at the end of the week. This element was new to the Joust in 2016, and I was also able to be a DJ with my boss for the dance last year. My boss, Elizabeth Manko, and I set up a fire playlist and it was great to see everyone having a blast.

Best Joust story?

Tyler: I was a freshman and I signed up for fear factor eating as a chance to showcase my skills.  I had never done a fear factor eating contest before, so I was at the beginner level at best.  There were three rounds in the contest and I muscled down the first round, two shots worth of hot sauce.  The next round was sardines covered in horseradish. (Name a better combo. I’ll wait). It was so terrible.  The third round was a blended Taco Bell box meal with baja blast and churros mixed in.  My opponent finished first, so I was stuck with the remaining “shake.”  I did not finish it, but proceeded to throw up in my friend’s bathroom about an hour later. No regrets.

Any suggestions for those experiencing the Joust for the first time?

Tyler: Try something new.  This is your chance to get to know new people and step out of your comfort zone or everyday routine.  This is a great element of college life and has the chance to be an unforgettable experience.  Also, even if you aren’t picked for a specific event, make sure to cheer on your teammates to get the W!