It’s not a Cup Issue. It’s a Faith Issue.

By Andrew Weidman

Unless you’ve been completely living under a rock for the past week or staying off the Internet, you have heard about the Starbucks “red cup” issue. I use “issue” as a loose term, because, let’s be honest, it’s not an issue. This year, for their holiday cups, Starbucks has elected to go with a plain red cup, instead of their traditional holiday cups that say “Merry Christmas.”

This so-called “issue” has many Christians freaking out and calling Starbucks “un-American” and “Anti-Christian,” just to quote a few words seen online in articles. Starbucks has had Christmas-themed cups since 1997. From simplistic snowflake designs to decorative ornaments and Santa Claus cups, people could always rush to Starbucks to get their Christmas-themed cup. However, this year, that is no more.

This year’s holiday cup design is simplistic: a shade of bright red to a dark cranberry-esque color. While some social media users have praised the minimalist design, others think the cups are a “war on Christmas.” Many people claim that these Starbucks cups are “unchristian” and “take away from Christmas.” Are we kidding ourselves here? We are talking about a cup!

However, anyone will take advantage of a controversy. Donald Trump, 2016 presidential candidate, has talked about how Americans should “boycott” Starbucks because of its cups.

Trump’s idiocy shines yet again, and a better “boycott” would be to boycott this man’s sad attempt and desire to lead the United States of America as our president.

Michael Castro, a former American Idol contestant and current Christian recording artist, sent out a tweet that said, “As a Christian, I can tell you that the color of Starbucks cups has nothing to do with Jesus, the gospel, or Christianity. They are cups.”

I cannot agree with this statement more. I am a Christian, and I have been for the past few years of my life. If there is one thing I have learned, it is this; if you are offended by a cup, it seems like you have a personal issue in your faith. A cup does not define your faith. You are going to be using this cup for 30 minutes and then you will throw it away, no matter what the cup looks like.

First there were rainbows, then Confederate flags, and now red Christmas cups. Stop getting offended, Christians. You make Christianity as a whole look bad. Just put yourself in the shoes of a Christian working at Starbucks, having to hear everyone bash Christianity because there are faith-challenged people offended by a cup. Having to defend your Christianity over something that shouldn’t be an issue causes problems. So, please, if you are offended by this, get over it. Get your caramel macchiato, give thanks that you are alive, and throw away your cup.