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It’s a Girl!

by Haley Bradfield


Congratulations to Kris and Megan Farwell, who last week became the proud parents of two-week old Eden Grace Farwell! The new baby arrived from Atlanta, Ga., after what her mother can only describe as “Lots and lots and lots of paperwork!”– paperwork and prayer. The Farwells had been in the process of adopting a child since February of this year, working with One World Adoptions, a Christian agency.

“We weren’t going to put restrictions on God and His choices,” the Farwells said about their search for a child to adopt. Since One World is an international adoption agency, the couple had the option to adopt from Haiti and Ethiopia, as well as states like Utah and Texas.

In the end, though, the Farwells decided on Atlanta. Mere days later they received a call about a soon-to-be-delivered baby, whose mother was looking for a family to adopt her. While it was considered to be a closed adoption, the Farwells had a chance to talk with the birth mother to settle the security of the baby’s future.

Eden Grace was born in Atlanta, Ga., on August 29, a 20-inch African-American babywith tiny feet and curly black hair. Mr. and Mrs. Farwell and their families couldn’t be happier. Megan’s side of the family will be visiting in October to see Eden, while Kris’s family will have to wait until Thanksgiving to see the child for the first time.

Both new parents have family and friends to thank for endless prayer and support through their long journey. “We’ve definitely learned the meaning of ‘It takes a village,’” Mrs. Farwell joked, noting the support they had “through the whole grueling process.” Many members of their family and church made donations for Eden’s adoption and during the two weeks spent in Georgia, the Farwells stayed with a godly family while finalizing Eden’s transition.

Now, Eden is home with her parents, the picture of newborn health and only getting mad when she’s not fed on time. The Farwells ask your prayer for many more wonderful memories to make with their daughter in the years ahead.