It’s a Draw! Grace vs. Taylor

By Katie Yocum

Grace’s men’s soccer team was prepared to defeat the Taylor University Trojans on Oct. 6. It looked to be a beautiful, sunny day for a match. Both teams were prepared for a great game, but misfortune struck in the last minutes of the competition.

Unfortunately, the game was interrupted by a large storm that included heavy rain and lightning. Protocol states that once lighting is visible, all players must leave the field. Both teams waited the required fifteen minutes, but the storm did not cease. Players and fans were anxious for the game to proceed, but the storm was relentless.

There were about five minutes left in the game, after going into double overtime, and neither team had scored. The game was eventually called as the storm increased in severity.

The Lancers, on a more positive note, tremendously outmatched their opponents in goal-shots. The men Grace racked up 31 shots and 15 goal attempts, whereas the Trojans only had 10. But after over 105 minutes of gameplay, the teams were forced to withdraw.

Though the Lancers would have continued to fight for victory, both teams were left with a score of zero that Saturday evening.

Hopefully our Grace men will have another opportunity for a win at their next game against the Wildcats at Indiana Wesleyan on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.

Stats curtesy of GC Lancers.

Image above: Senior Zeb Johansson trailed by Taylor player Paul McBride.