Ice-Cream Crawl

By Andrea Castillo

With summer just around the corner, ice cream season is officially here. Whether you are adventurous or prefer playing it safe with your go-to flavor wherever you go, you might want to try a few different locations in your own custom ice-cream crawl!

Kelainey’s Sweet Dreams, which is within walking distance from Grace College Campus, is a great place to go. If you are interested in lots of crazy flavors and smooth ice cream, Kelainey’s is affordable as you can get, selling two scoops of any flavor for under $5. They have everything from classic strawberry and vanilla to their unique flavor “The Jolted Cow.”

Next, you can hit up Dairy Queen for a classic blizzard for under $4.  If you like, you can spice it up by trying a “Royal Blizzard,” featuring creamy fudge in the middle of your sweet treat.

Another Warsaw option is Ritters. Featuring their trademark custard, Ritters is always a good stop for some fairly inexpensive cold treats.

If you are willing to make a trip for some good ice cream, trying making a few stops in Fort Wayne. The infamous Yummi Bunni is a tourist attraction with a menu that constantly changes. You can stay updated on their menu if you choose to follow them on social media, as well as view coupons and sale days so you can avoid breaking the bank.  While Yummi Bunni is certainly the most expensive of these options, they offer delicious ice cream sandwiches crafted with sweet donuts as the buns. You also have the option to add mix-ins; the price for the Bunni comes in at $6.50.

Also in Fort Wayne is Cold Stone Creamery, which is basically a subway for ice cream. Cold Stone has locations across the country and has a set of flavors on their menu that vary from location to location. Cold Stone Creamery has special delicacies that are slightly more expensive, especially depending on your toppings and mix-ins, but on average you are looking at a $6 expenditure.

If you are out with your friends and are looking to have some Instagram-worthy ice cream, then try stopping by Sweet Monster Ice Cream in Fort Wayne. This is no ordinary ice cream joint; at Monster, your ice cream is served in rolls. Sweet Monster creates rolled ice cream using a bunch of fun flavors and trendy foods like Nutella.  Sweet Monster is delicious and comes in around $6.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, it is never a bad time for ice cream. Lancers should get out and try some bold flavors at any one of these locations; you can’t go wrong!

Image above: Bethany Gardner and Jessica Kaurich enjoy their rolled ice cream from Sweet Monster Ice Cream in Fort Wayne.