Humans of Grace: Gabrielle Bart

By Hannah Imel

Gabrielle Bart is a sophomore at Grace College. She says of her choice to attend Grace, “I really wanted a small, Christian community environment.” Grace College has been home to a few fantastic memories for Gabby. “Some of my best memories are from my freshman year,” she said. “On the last night of the year, two of my friends and I decided to pull a bunch of mattresses onto the floor and have a sleepover party. We just watched a bunch of movies and talked; it was good to be together before leaving for the summer!” Freshman year was not without challenges, however. The advice Gabby would give to this year’s newest Grace students: “As a freshman, at this point in the year, I would tell myself to do my stinking homework. This is the time of year when you’re in a routine, the weather is gloomy, and you just get a bit lazy.”

Gabby is an education major and is involved in the America Reads program. “My mom is in the education field; she influenced me,” Gabby said. “I’ve also had a couple of really good teachers who motivated me.  I’ve had a few bad ones as well, and that has inspired me!”

Outside of class, Gabby enjoys spending time with friends and watching Netflix and sewing crafts. “I do crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitching, weaving…I haven’t tried to sell anything. Sometimes I give them away as gifts.” Her gorgeous cross-stitch works, embroidered with perky phrases like “Not Today, Satan,” showcase Gabby’s personality as well as her skill. Just like her, they bring a smile to whoever admires them, making Grace campus a bit brighter.