Campus Life

How to Survive Global Perspectives

By Hannah England

Global Perspectives is one of the most talked-about classes on campus.  Nearly everyone who studies at Grace College for any amount of time is required to take Global Perspectives, as it is part of the freshmen core.  Every Spring A session, campus erupts with talk about the class as freshman experience it for the first time.  One thing most students agree on, whether they like the class or not, is that it demands a fair share of work and studying.

If you are currently involved in Global Perspectives, here are a few tips from students who have taken the class that will help you not only survive, but succeed:

  1. “Definitely use the writing lab resources.  That’s one of the best ways to learn how to properly write college-level papers.” – Clarissa Knight, senior
  2. “Make sure you leave time in your schedule to fully read and comprehend the books.” –Ashley Kleinbub, junior
  3. “If you are having trouble with the reading, use online resources to help you with comprehension.  Typically, you can find summaries that help piece together details, and they make for great study tools for the quizzes after you read.” – Paige Hlutke, sophomore
  4. “Go to all the movie showings that you can for extra credit so that you can get a boost in your overall grade.” – Hannah Herbster, junior.

As an extra tip for the map quizzes, there are websites available that have study tools for all of the regions covered in the class.  Two commonly used websites are and  On both websites, simply look under the Geography tabs to find pre-made map quizzes and study tools.

Good luck studying!