Campus Life

Halloween Stories of Grace College: Haunted or Hoax?

By Brittany Misencik

Westy Attic: Hoax

With humble beginnings dating as far back as 1905, Westminster Hall has existed long enough to form a plethora of stories as it transitioned from a hotel into a dorm. Although many are familiar with the dorm side of Westy, a hidden world of mystery lies within the Westy Attic.

Former RA Brileigh Malott recalls once being alone in Westy when a mysterious figure appeared during room checks. Although suspicious, she knew her RA duties had to go on. Later that night, she continued up into the attic, wondering if the figure would once again appear. She remembers the night clearly, saying she was “walking around looking for my belongings in storage when I saw…lots of rat poop!”

Although disgusting, a collection of droppings does not constitute a haunting. Other than a few instances of bats escaping from the attic into the dorm, it is safe to say that Westy attic is not haunted.  

Beta Swamp: Haunted

Student 1: What was that?!
Student 2: I don’t know, did you hear that too?
Student 1: Yeah, it sounded like a girl!
Student 2: Let’s go find out!

According to some Grace students, many female-sounding screams have been reported to come from behind Beta Hall. Beta boys brave enough to explore the phenomenon have tried to confront the cause of these alarming sounds late at night, resulting in some chilling stories.

According to current Beta residents, a haunted baby doll resides beyond the pond along Beta trail. This doll is supposedly the source of the haunted cries, caused by the ghost of a woman long ago. Some postulate that this doll is somehow linked to the Beta swamp monster of legend. Reporters have declared it is too soon in the session to tell, but one thing is certain: Beta Swamp is haunted.

Epsilon/Gamma C: Undecided

For every Grace student, there are several lingering, unanswered questions that arise.  Has anyone ever seen Epsilon with their own eyes? Has anyone ever lived to tell the tale of a fond memory from Gamma C? These dorms will never again know the experience of Grace community within their walls. Is the reason for their phase into obsolescence because of the newer dorms on campus, or is it because they are haunted? No residents have ever lived to say one way or the other – or at least have not come back post-graduation to tell us.

Image above: An undated image of the Westminster Hotel in Winona Lake. Picture from the Grace College – Winona Lake Postcards collection.