Campus Life

Grace Welcomes Younger Siblings for Sibs Weekend

by Arielle Arn


This weekend, Grace College hosted a flood of young students in bright yellow shirts, highlighting our campus’s uniqueness for a group of very important guests: younger siblings of undergraduate students. September 13 through 15, the Office of Admissions put on this year’s Sibs Weekend, a chance for our campus to welcome our extended Grace family with open arms.

Sibs Weekend was a great opportunity on campus for siblings of Grace College students to be exposed to what life on our campus is all about. The Office of Admissions and SAB have pulled together some fun events every year for these very special campus visitors. All of the siblings had the opportunity to experience chapel and several complimentary meals at Alpha. Friday night featured campus-wide Capture the Flag, courtesy of GIP.

For some visitors, the most meaningful times were simply spent together just experiencing their siblings’ new surroundings.

Celia Ernst visited her older sister Camille in Alpha this weekend. “It was more different than I ever expected. It’s a big change, because you aren’t with your family,” Ernst said. Her older sister Camille said, “I was very excited to have my sister on campus!”

Since these siblings shared time in Alpha, they were wakened by Saturday’s infamous fire alarm. “It was really fun until the fire alarm went off. I got the whole experience, I guess,” Celia said.

On the other side of campus, Krystle Hendrick and her younger brother Bradley shared time in Kent apartments.

“Chapel service was excellent!” said Bradley. “It was fun to hang with college students and see what it’s like, and it was great to watch Psych with my sister and spend quality time with her.”

Whether they were being introduced to the infamous fire alarms in Alpha or simply getting a sneak-peek into their older sibling’s lives, Sibs Weekend was a fun opportunity for younger siblings to reconnect with their brothers and sisters, all while getting to experience what life is like at Grace.