Grace vs. Bethel Men’s Soccer Recap

By Claire Lehman-Schletewitz

Lancer Nation was able to witness the men’s soccer team defeat Bethel College 2-0 during the 2018 Homecoming game on Oct. 3. The stadium’s student section was filled to the brim as Grace students rallied around their team.

The two teams played an excellent game filled with flops, uncalled fouls and some exceptional goals. At halftime, the Lancers possessed a two-goal lead, courtesy of goals by Togo Narusawa and Cody Boerema, and that lead was maintained throughout the rest of the game. Despite playing a solid Bethel team, the Lancers were able to hold off the Pilots with fancy footwork, unmatchable teamwork and unbeatable fervor. Their tenacity and determination to win proved to be the deciding factor as they led the school to victory.

The Red Zone was on fire the entire game, sporting inventive cheers and a few pointed burns directed at the other team’s players; a few were thrown at the refs for good measure. As the team played on, the student section continued to holler. Drums and noisemakers passed out by the GIP team added to the constant roar from all the excited fans.

Image above:  Junior Cody Boerema moves the ball up the field, trailed by Bethel player Isaac Nunez.