Grace Sheds Light on Local Ministry Through Nocturnal 9

By Brittany Misencik

The word “community” may be a frequently used buzzword across Grace campus, but have you ever considered the “community” that lies right beyond lake lines, and even across Indiana as a whole? Nocturnal 9, an event managed by Grace’s own Matt Metzger, brought hundreds of families from the Warsaw community together to cycle across downtown Warsaw. Police escorted the streets with a trail of glow-in-the-dark clothes, bicycle lights, and glow sticks.

The participants varied vastly with differences in age, experience, and even purpose for attending. Mark and Jim, two backpacking buddies from out of town, had eagerly signed up for the unique adventure of a night ride, unlike any other adventures they had taken together before. “Night rides are a whole different experience,” Jim says, “You just see things differently than during the day.”

Jim surely was right about seeing things differently, but not limited to just a physical sense. The event was designed to be free of charge, with the intention that at a surprise halfway destination, an optional donation of $10 would be collected to donate to a community member that would truly benefit from the financial support. This suspense and excitement fueled the ride, as family and friends journeyed together, only to find the halfway mark surrounded with bonfires and lemonade to enjoy on the property of what is now “All Things New” ministries.

All Things New is a non-profit organization existing to “provide hope, a fresh start, and freedom for women struggling with various addictions by providing a safe environment and life skills necessary to destroy old habits, while fostering dependency on Jesus Christ, who makes all things new,” according to the organization’s website.

This mission was evidently carried out by the testimonies of the women currently living in the house who were willing to share their stories. Ashley, a young woman who had been living in the “All Things New” house since Feb. 1, 2018, recalled her past life in comparison to what she had gained since becoming a part of the All Things New community. “It has definitely changed us to where we can trust people and have grown spiritually with God…being in a safe environment shows what life is all about,” Ashley reflects. Ashley and roommate, Trista, had never met previous to joining the program, but now have a relationship as deep as sisters, and now, sisters in Christ.

All Things New is only a two-year-old program, but is already making life-altering additions to the body of Christ, and would love volunteers that can mentor and lead the women in the house battling addiction who are in need of sisters in Christ.

Ultimately, the night ended with several raffle giveaways, but to Harper, age 7, the best part of the night for her was not materialistic. “I loved how we as a family rode and had fun together,” she recalled. Harper unknowingly captured the heart and soul of Nocturnal 9, a time of family and fun. It simply does not get better than that.