Campus Life

Grace Gathers to Pray for Globe, Leaders, Natural Disasters

Students gathered to pray at the Indiana Hall flagpole.

by Hannah Hubbard

As a dark purple morning washed over Indy Hall, a group of Lancers gathered for this year’s “See You at the Pole.” Otherwise known as SYATP, “See You At The Pole” is a Christian community tradition where students across the world gather to pray. On Wednesday, Sept. 27, Grace students and staff joined in, standing near the flagpole and praying for missionaries around the globe, our country’s leaders and people impacted by the recent natural disasters.

Abbie Evans

Abbie Evans decided to attend “because Jesus calls us to prayer, and its so cool when everyone in the nation is going to get together and talk to our loving heavenly Father – we are doing exactly what He wants us to do.”

Just joining the body of Christ [in prayer] is one of the biggest things we can do and I don’t think it should stop here,” said attendee Hannah Wilcox about the event.

Benjamin Gruber, leader of Prayer In Action on campus, headed up the event. He said SYATP “is a way to gather with other brothers and sisters in Christ and to pray and to realize that others are doing the same.” Prayer In Action is a group for anyone who wants to continue to do this on a regular basis. His vision for the group is similar to that of SYATP, specifically “praying for a revival to take place at Grace and for a renewal to take place in each person…a time to pray for our country.”

For more on the history of this event, you can visit the official website There is room found on the top floor of McClain dedicated to prayer and meditation. It is available for student and staff use whenever McClain is open.