Campus Life

GIP Director Shares About Campus-Wide Game, Paranoia

By Bekah Zvers

Spencer Roberts currently serves as the director of the Grace Intramural Program (GIP). This
group makes it possible for all students to participate in intra-collegiate sports.

Q: Where did Paranoia originate from, and why did GIP choose this game to play on
A: Years ago, Paranoia originated from the game called Assassins. I’m not sure when it
was first played on campus, but I know the game has been around for quite some time
Essentially it’s an enormous game of hide-and-go-seek tag, and people love it. When I
became the Intramural Program director there was actually an initiative to let the game
die, so we didn’t do it for a couple years. Then on the last night of the Joust I was sitting
with some friends of mine who are four year seniors and they asked what it would take
for me and my team to resurrect the game. So within less than 24 hours of the Joust
ending, we planned the whole thing out and made it happen. It’s been a hit to say the

Q: How is the game played?
A: We accept 200 participants and the core of the game is simple. Find your target,
eliminate them, and survive. Each participant receives a sticker with a name on it in
their mailbox at the beginning of the game. The name they receive is their target. In
order to eliminate their target, they must stick their sticker to their target. But, everyone
is a target so you have to constantly be on guard. There are some specific rules that
make the game more interesting. You can’t be eliminated while indoors or on the clock
for your job, you can’t be eliminated at Grace sponsored events, and you can’t be
eliminated while driving or in a car. These are in place to keep participants safe, but
also make the game more challenging.

Q: When did the game begin, and how long will it last?
A: The game began on April 30 at 7:30 a.m. Students were allowed to go and get their
stickers on Sunday. The game lasted all week long and on May 4 at 11:59 p.m.

Q: Have you heard any funny stories from people currently playing the game?
A: The beauty of Paranoia is that while there are only technically 200 participants, so
the whole campus is involved. For example, Ben Gruber wasn’t actually playing, but he
was the best informant on campus. He knows everyone and can get any information
you could possibly need regardless of who your target might be. People have even
been known to pay him for his services. I also witnessed a pretty incredible elimination

on Tuesday. My friend Ryan knew her target was Abbot, or so she thought. She hadn’t
heard that Abbot had been eliminated earlier in the day. Ryan was brave enough to
come out to Flag Football. While Beta Field was a temporary safe zone, anyone could
be tagged starting at 7pm. Ryan lost track of time, and realized she needed to get
indoors as quickly as possible. She scrambled for Omega, when Abbot came flying out
of the doors. She had no idea that Abbot had been tagged already and was luring her
into a trap. Ryan turned around and bolted for the Lodge with Abbot in hot pursuit.
Ryan seemed like she was going to make it into the Lodge safely, when her new killer
popped out of a bush and trapped her. Exhausted from sprinting 100 yards, she
conceded defeat. It was well thought out for sure!

When the game ended on May 4, Stephen Halstead was announced as the winner.