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GC3: Taking a Critical Look at Movies


By Alaister McFarren

Do you like watching movies?  Do you get tired of watching movies with no substance?  Do you want the chance to discuss movies critically with like-minded individuals?  Then the GC3 Club is the place for you.

GC3 (Grace College Cinematic Conversations) is a club formed for film lovers who want a more in-depth experience than the average blockbuster provides.  Members of the club view films from a variety of different genres, then follow up the viewing with a group discussion regarding what they just watched.  According to Caleb Dudeck, who is in his second year of leading the group, the goal of the club is to take a more detailed look at movies. This includes studying the cinematic attributes of the film (soundtrack, cinematography, etc.) and what the viewers consider good or bad about the movie.  They also attempt to view the film through a spiritual lens and find the moral truths within.  

The club, which is in its fourth year, tries to look at a different genre each meeting.  Per Dudeck, the club has watched adventure films (“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”), kids’ films (“Wreck-It Ralph”), thrillers (“Inception”) and biographical dramas (“Spotlight”).  Other past movie choices include “The Dark Knight,” “Marvel movies,” and “Interstellar.”  

“We really try to pick out movies that we feel have deeper themes than your everyday film,” says Dudeck.  “Take ‘The Dark Knight’ for example.  Within the character of the Joker, you can find the hopelessness of man, and that’s just a start.”  He went on to say that the club is considering movies directed by Tim Burton and Wes Anderson in the future, along with a potential “Lord of the Rings” marathon.  The club is also open to suggestions, as there are many movies they have yet to explore.

Dudeck also claimed that “last year, we typically had around 8-10 people coming every week, but this year we’ve had up to 25, probably averaging 15-20.”  If you would like to join GC3, you can follow their Facebook Page, “Grace College Cinematic Conversations-GC3,” or contact Dudeck at to be added to their mailing list.  

GC3 meets every other Sunday, usually in the Little Theater in Philathea. Their next scheduled meeting is Nov. 5.