Game of Thrones and the Christian Mind

by Maegan McFarland

    If one were to ask me what the most decade-defining show of today is, chances are I would say it is Game of Thrones. The television show, inspired by George R.R. Martin’s books of the same title, is by far the most popular series of the 2010’s. Audiences love it, the critics love it, and the show has won several awards. However, while it is an amazing show, I can say for a fact that this show is not very…how do I put this? Holy. The show boasts amazing actors, memorable characters, great writing, and great directing. However, the show also includes a lot of “not-Grace-appropriate” material such as nudity, swearing, gore, and (most awkward of all) incest.

     Despite all of this, it seems that the majority of campus watches the show. Should we, as Christians, be concerned that so many Christian people are watching this show? As someone who is a huge nerd for the show and who is also a Christian, I have my own opinion on the matter.

I hesitated to watch the show for a long time, mostly because I was concerned by the fact that it contained inappropriate content. The show was unnerving, and I felt that it wasn’t very ethical. Towards the end of last year, I decided to give the show a try since everyone was hyping it up. As I watched the first episode, I could see within the first twenty minutes what others had warned me about. Scenes commonly contained sexual intimacy, swearing, and needless amounts of decapitations. After the first episode I was able to figure why people watch this show; it has a story worth telling and relatable characters.

All the characters in the show are morally ambiguous. The good guys can make bad choices and the bad guys can make good choices. Due to this, the characters in the show seem more human. As a Christian audience, we can relate to them. Perhaps we have not had the same experiences as the show’s characters, but all of us can likely recall a time when we have made wrong choices. None of us are perfect. We are sinful, and we make poor judgements sometimes. If nothing else, Game of Thrones can help Christian viewers to see how much we need God in our lives.

With that said, this show is not for everyone. If you cannot stand to see shows that contain sexual immorality and swearing, then do not watch this show. It will simply waste your time. For those who can see past the show’s inappropriate content, I highly recommend it. Game of Thrones is a reminder of how fallen the world is without God’s love. As Christians watch this show, they should be reminded of how we should reach for God’s hand for guidance every day.