From the RedZone With Love

by Jake Regnier

There are few words that can describe a group of unified students. There are fewer words that can describe a group of unified respectful and loving students that honor God with their actions. My ultimate goal is to get 1000 students to stand and cheer together at games and here is why.

Grace College is a light in the Warsaw community. While we as students are in the classroom taking a classes on prayer or missions, we need to live that out! I know we live it out in some areas because we go on missions trips and do service projects which are what Warsaw needs but if Grace continues to be a place where ,school spirit and pride are more made fun of than shown out, than we have a big piece of the puzzle missing.

There are two main words that I believe describe what a student section should have:

Unity- This is important because we are actively involved in the community around us and have a great passion while serving others in it, but if the community comes back to support us at Grace events and they see (dis)unity, they will grow to not trust us! Unity is also a theme on the Grace Campus, and as Christians we are free to be unified!

Respect- This is important because as a Christian school we need to be respectful to the other school!! Respect at basketball games is a different attribute than most schools bring to the table! Sometimes we boo at the ref if there is a bad call, but for the majority of the time we try to be respectful which is also important to show to the community around us!

The Grace/Bethel game was awesome, Grace College! You guys really shocked me with the support you gave and thank you for that! I work for you and my pay is your participation, so please feel free to send me a message with suggestions and ideas! I am open to anything, and I love you as a student body! You can also text me with ideas at 317-502-3169.