Fall Break Brings Rest to Grace Students

by Lindsay Schuster

      As the first eight weeks of the fall semester come to a close, Grace students are becoming increasingly anxious to enter a new season. Many students on campus look to forward to fall break as a time of rejuvenation before the new session begins.

     Avrey Riemersma, a freshman, explains that Fall break will provide a much needed rest for her after a crazy first session. “At first, I was a Math Education major because I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but as I’ve gone through this session, I’ve discovered that teaching is just not right for me. I still want to work with kids, but the teaching part was wrong. I changed my major to counseling, and the change has been pretty crazy.” Even though this session has been hectic for Riemersma, she looks back on the last eight weeks with fondness. “It’s been great because I’ve made new friends, and I have the best hall ever! But, I am really looking forward to hanging out with my family, since I haven’t been able lately. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing my dog!”

     Riemersma isn’t the only student who is looking forward to this time off. Even students who are more accustomed to the stresses of college life are looking forward to the chance to take a break. Cameron Bates, a third-year junior on the Men’s Golf Team, says that this session has been a challenging one in regards to his leadership abilities. “It’s been a real growing experience. Now that I’m older, I have the responsibility to step up as a leader in my positions with GSO and the golf team. I’ve really found who I am and it’s helped me to carry out my leadership.” Cameron explained that the golf team is young this season and they have done better than expected. With such a passion for the game and his team, it is clear why Cameron is excited to compete in another golf tournament over Fall break. “I’m just excited to eat food and play golf.”

     Tonya Hassler, a third-year senior, is most excited to use Fall break as a chance to explore possibilities for the future. “I get to job shadow my aunt over Fall break. She’s a philanthropist, so she raises money for an arts school. It’s exciting to explore something new, something I never thought about doing.”

     While some students leave campus for home or for travelling adventures and others stay on until the next session starts up again, rest and recuperation are fall break’s biggest themes.