Evaluating Wrestlers: A Top 20 List

By Maegan McFarland

 “Monday Night Raw” celebrated its 25th anniversary on January 22, so I wanted to create a top 20 favorite wrestlers list. However, narrowing the list down to just 20 wrestlers is hard, so I called in Kamri Allen from Grace College’s Wrestling Club for help. This is our collaborative top 20 list of the best WWE Wrestlers:

  1. Shawn Michaels

Kamri: “Some say Michaels could wrestle a broomstick for 30 minutes and still produce a compelling match.”

  1. Undertaker

Kamri: “Switched his character more than an undecided undergrad switches majors, and is still a wrestling ‘giant.’”

  1. John Cena

Kamri: “And his name is…an overplayed meme tied to the best talker in modern wrestling.”

  1. Steve Austin

Kamri:  “Ever work for a boss who made you wish someone would shower him with raw sewage? Do I have the wrestler for you.”

  1. Chris Jericho

Kamri: “Won every title in WWE at least once over his twenty-year career….”

Mo (Maegan): “…and that makes him awesome. Disagree? You just made The List!”

  1. Randy Orton

Mo: “Pretty!”

Kamri: “No comment.”

  1. Triple H

Kamri: “12-time World Champion, creator of WWE’s NXT brand, and (in a leather jacket) the embodiment of what a mid-life crisis looks like.”

  1. CM Punk

Kamri: “Next to Edge, my favorite heel wrestler of all time. His ability to evoke emotion from the crowd is next to none.”

  1. Daniel Bryan

Kamri:  “Best underdog story ever told in wrestling. Held back by management, raised to the main event through the fans.”

  1. AJ Styles

Kamri & Mo: “Phenomenal!”

  1. Rey Mysterio

Kamri: “The most revered luchador, not only in WWE, but in the world.”

  1. Beth Phoenix

Kamri: “A powerhouse female wrestler of the early 2000s, and one of three women to enter a men’s Royal Rumble match. She eliminated a 7’2” giant during the match.”

  1. Asuka

Kamri: “Winner of the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble. 211-0 undefeated win streak. Nobody is ready for Asuka!”

  1. Mickie James

Kamri: “Showed that women wrestlers are just as good as the guys in a time when they were nothing but eye candy.”

Mo: “My favorite wrestler of all time!”

  1. Sasha Banks

Kamri: “Sasha’s bout with Bayley in 2015 is considered the best women’s match in WWE history. Go check it out.”

  1. Charlotte

Kamri: “6-time Women’s Champion, the only to hold the NXT, Smackdown, and Raw’s Women’s titles, and the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.”


  1. AJ Lee

Kamri: “Fantastic wrestler, whose theme song haunts my dreams.”

  1. Lita

Kamri: “My favorite female wrestler. She and Trish Stratus were the first women to main event Monday Night Raw in 2004.”

  1. Trish

Kamri: “My third favorite female wrestler.”

  1. Bayley

Kamri: “Best choice for introducing children to wrestling. She’s wonderful.”

Mo: “ Also Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman!”

Honorable Mentions

The Miz


Jeff Hardy


Dean Ambrose

Mo:  “He used a hot dog cart as a weapon!”


Mo: “Can you feel the glow?!”


Mo: “She started her career at 19 and I will forever respect that!”

Bruno Sammartino

Kamri: “World Champion for 7 YEARS.”

Rob Van Dam

Mo: “Rolling Thunder is the best move in wrestling.”


Mo: “Favorite villain of all time.”

Alexa Bliss

Mo: “What a Brat! I mean that in the best way possible.”

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