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Ethan Roberts Hosts Late Night Show

By Alicia Reeve

This past weekend, Feb. 15-16, Grace College hosted the Presidential Scholarship Competition. An essential part of this jam-packed weekend is Late Night, which took over the MOCC Friday, Feb. 16. Late Night, which has been hosted by Michael Hsu the last two years, gives PSC attendees a chance to really experience Grace’s community. Due to Hsu’s graduation, Late Night needed a new host.  Sophomore Ethan Roberts decided to take on the challenge.

After attending Late Night last year, Roberts thought it would be a “tremendously fun event to try and make awesome.” He admired Michael Hsu’s ability to engage the crowd and aimed to create a similar event that would hopefully come close to being as fun as the one he had experienced.

After some pre-show nerves, Ethan Roberts took the stage and immediately owned his performance.

“Obviously, anything with this much prep is a whole boatload of stress in the lead-up to it,” said Roberts, “but being able to write my own material and see people laugh at the things I made was an incredible feeling that was worth every second of the process.”  From charade competitions to lip sync battles, Late Night was an awesome kick-start to PSC and lived up to the precedent set by Hsu.

Image above: Professor Mike Yocum and Alpha RD Tianna Frischmann are guests on Late Night, talking to host Ethan Roberts.