Campus Life

Energy Well Wasted

by Ben Sauers

The United States is slowly redefining the term marriage. Same-sex marriage is now recognized in nine states along with The District of Columbia. The Evangelical Right feels that the idea of marriage is being destroyed. That the government should allow a couple of the same sex to marry one another seems to be the end of marriage as we know it. Some defenders of traditional marriage contend that the definition of marriage should not be changed. They preach that marriage has been and always will be between a man and a woman. They protest, debate, and discuss it, all the while expending enormous amounts of energy trying to convince the nation that the definition of marriage must not be changed!

Yet I stand confused. How do we Christians believe that the government can redefine marriage? Suppose that tomorrow the United States government claimed that Christ never rose from the dead. Would Christians in every church ponder over what we are to do about Christianity now being  redefined? Never! The theology of Christianity is too large and upheld by too great a source. This example may be extreme, but it serves my argument. The idea that the government can redefine marriage is as ridiculous as saying that it can redefine the Christian faith. It was not a government, people, or created thing that defined the idea of marriage in the first place; the definition of marriage is rooted in the essence of God Himself. He created, sustains, defines, and preserves it, and will continue to do so. Though government may allow two men or two women to marry, it does not weaken God’s definition of marriage. Is it not we as Christians who are married in the presence of God? Is it not we as Christians who promise to uphold the ideas of marriage as defined by God? If it were tomorrow that the government no longer recognized marriage, would we Christians stop the practice of marriage? Never!

If marriage is God’s plan, why do we feel a right to impose it through legislation on someone else, especially if that person has no conviction, knowledge, or desire to enter into a godly marriage. The least we can do is focus our energy on what it means to live a married life in a way that pleases Christ. Can we now focus our energy on God’s definition of marriage for us as Christians? Can we focus our energy on showing the world what it means to enter into a life-long commitment of fidelity? Can we as men focus our energy on showing the world what it looks like to love our wives? To quote from Ted Dekker in his book “Blessed Child,” “Remember,Caleb, words are weak instruments of love. They can do many things, but they do not carry the truth like your hands do. People need to be shown, not told.” May we be able to say our energy was well spent,not well-wasted.