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Dorm Focus: Behind the scenes in Beta Hall

Beta is good. This is something we all know to be true. But have you ever asked yourself why? As a Beta resident, I was lucky to find the answer. It’s not the building itself, even though it could probably withstand a nuclear attack. It’s not necessarily the location, even though we have a great view of Kent.

The wisdom of why Beta is good was passed down from Aaron Crabtree to Peter Wolff. A group of Beta guys were supposed to decorate a location of the old gym for a hall dinner. All the halls decorated their own eating sections. The women were spending lots of time being intricate with decorations and the Beta men were playing basketball.

During the last minutes, the men realized they needed to put things up. So an RA at the time decided to write “Beta is Good” on a big piece of paper. And that is the answer. Beta is good today because of the people who call it home.

Let’s start with our fearless leader, Peter Wolff. Wolff is a young RD and easily connects with the residents. He spent his sophomore year living in Beta. He is just another one of the men. He just happens to be the man who knows what he is doing. Wolff is a man of God who inspires us to be great. He is often harshly honest, but as much as it can hurt, the man speaks truth. Even when we have those boring hall meetings, Wolff’s personality makes them worth listening to. Wolff dedicates time to us, even when the conversations turn awkward. He has graced us with his outlook on Beta.

“Beta is always seen as the rambunctious dorm, but I doubt it is any more than the other dorms; it just doesn’t get damaged as easily,” Wolff said.

“The atmosphere has been one of social and spiritual stimulation. It is cool to see guys from all kinds of backgrounds be forced to live together and have the same conversations and arguments I had as a student, but still growing in the fundamental areas.”

Men take responsibility for their actions and examine the way they treat women and challenge themselves. “I have seen men be open and vulnerable and find accountability,” Wolff said. “Beta is good because of the people who live here.”

The RAs are a step down the ladder from Wolff. There are six RAs in Beta, one for each hall. Jimmy Elsner and Vince Sell are on the first floor, Nate Zuercher and Brock Rhodes reign on the second floor and Josh Brown and Ethyn Brumbaugh watch over third floor. These are all great guys who just love to sit and talk. Whether one of them is your RA or not, they are all friendly and outgoing and will lead you to God.

Finally, what makes Beta really good are the hall-mates. In the short period I have lived in Beta, I have met more solid men here than in my entire hometown. It can be four in the morning and you can have the best conversation of your life. The guys are giving, the RAs are loving, and Wolff is always watching.

Story by Christopher Tulley | Contributing Writer |
Photography by Scott Schloss | Staff Photographer |