Doctor Forshtay Shares on His Forte

By Isaiah Snell

Doctor Tobias Forshtay has come to teach in Grace College’s new agricultural business program with an M.B.A. from Grace, a passion for his subject, and a healthy dose of advice for students going into this year.

Q: What drew you to Grace as a student? As a teacher?
A: “I didn’t want to go to Grace, or college at all when I was younger. I finished high school and started working full time as an electrician; I thought that was my path in life. Thankfully, I had some deacons in my church in Ohio who told me I should go to college. I thought, ‘I don’t have money; I can’t.’ A little later, I rode up to Grace with Dave Musser, Deb Musser’s brother, just to visit; this was two weeks before class started. Sure enough, two weeks later, I loaded up and came back. After school, I went out and began a 10-year job with a crop insurance agency, and I fell in love with agriculture. But, I left my job in May because I felt the Lord was calling me to something else. I’m not kidding: I left for family vacation during the ten weeks where I didn’t have a job, and the first billboard I saw on our trip was for Grace College. I get a phone call: “Toby, I’d like you to interview for an Agribusiness position.” I thought, “There is no way.” And here I am.

Q: What do you love most about your passion, Agriculture?
A: Few people get into this industry just to make a whole lot of money. There’s a passion they have about farming. Many farmers will do it even when they’re not making money; it’s because they love to do it. That said, there are things farmers can do that can maximize their profit without sacrificing their ground or themselves. We can apply sound business principles to agriculture. I want to see students know that, leaving here.”

Q: What are you looking forward to most at Grace?
A: “I want to build into the lives of students. I want them to leave here knowing that even if the business they work in doesn’t honor God, they still can. You can always preach in the workplace by being godly, even if that business isn’t. I really look forward to seeing students learn that.”

Q: What makes you smile the most?
A: “I’ve cried tears of joy lately when I see kids get adopted. My wife and I started a nonprofit to support adoptions in 2015. We’ve helped 15 families with funding in their adoption journey through that, and it’s a wonderful example of God’s love, loving and adopting children into a
family. We raise funds for adoption because no child should be without a parent.”

Forshtay’s nonprofit, “Raise the Dough,” runs doughnut fund-raisers to support adopting families. Anyone seeking more information on “Raise the Dough” can go to www.raisethedough.org.