Democrats, Republicans and Gorsuch

By Katelyn Minder

One of the most important factors in the election of Donald Trump was who he would nominate as Supreme Court Justice. This choice is extremely important, as most Justices serve up until their deaths — meaning whoever is chosen will far surpass Trump’s presidency.

On February 1, President Trump made his choice. However, nothing in politics is that simple. Throughout the past two months, whether or not Neil Gorsuch will replace the seat that Judge Scalia left vacant with his death has been hotly contested on Capitol Hill. Last Thursday, two Democratic senators tweeted out that they would be backing Gorsuch — meaning only six more are needed for him to become the next Justice.

Gorsuch currently serves in Colorado, but has previously served under two Supreme Court Justices. Additionally, he graduated from Harvard, Columbia and Oxford, as well as graduating from Harvard law in the same class as President Obama. He has also briefly worked at the Department of Justice.

Gorsuch is viewed by many to be the perfect conservative heir of the late judge’s seat. He holds many of the same convictions that Scalia did. However, some analysts believe that unlike Scalia, Gorsuch’s rulings may favor liberals more when he feels the Constitution requires it. In addition, he may be more prone to second-guessing Trump than Scalia.

So what would happen if Gorsuch becomes the new Justice? Well, the right wing will hold the majority in all three branches of the Federal Government, which will make the next four years even more interesting. For more information, visit politico.com, or use that search bar on your computer for more than just finding citation generators.

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