Conference on Missions: A Word with Dave and Susie Hobert

By Claire Lehman-Schletewitz

Dave and Susie Hobert are missionaries who serve in France, serving six months there and then six months back in the states. During the Hoberts’ time in America, they are Missionaries in Residence on Grace’s campus and sit in on classes and watch basketball practices. Susie says that while they were students here during the ’60s, the thought of being missionaries in France never crossed their minds until they heard of a need and thought, “Why not?”

Through many years of being missionaries, they have both figured out what being a missionary means to each of them. Dave says that missions means “responding to God’s call to share the gospel.” They do this through having intentional relationships with the people in the town they live in. Susie says that missions is “to reach people in any way possible, using the gifts God gave you somewhere else and being enriched by another culture.” Dave and Susie have done their best to reach out to their surrounding community in France and “do life with other people so they can see the way we live and see Christ through us.”

Being a Christian means always being on mission no matter where you find yourself. When they go to France, and even here in the states, they like to see people’s spiritual needs and try their best to meet them in any way they can.

During Conference on Missions week, Dave and Susie can be found at the Encompass World Partners booth. They love being involved on campus during the week. They will be at almost all of the events happening on campus and leading Growth Groups. They not only love connecting with students through the events on campus, but they would also be ecstatic to meet with students for coffee and talk about long term missions work.

Image taken from the blog of Daron Butler, a pastor of cross-cultural missions at Wooster Grace.