College Football Review

By Justin Perry


College sports, to me, is by far better than professional sports. In college athletics, you have kids our age playing their hearts out in a sport they love. Do they get paid for it? They might get a scholarship. If you’re a walk-on you may never see an athletic scholarship on your financial aid award. College athletes may never see what it’s like to play professionally. A good part of them don’t get that opportunity. College student-athletes play because they love the game. One of my favorite college sports to watch is football. We’re weeks into the season and we have nine teams left that are undefeated: Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington, Nebraska, Baylor, West Virginia, Boise State and Western Michigan. I will focus on Alabama, West Virginia and Western Michigan.

Alabama currently stands at the top of all the polls. And from what it looks like, they have an easy road ahead of them. The Crimson Tide has to play at LSU, while Mississippi State, Chattanooga, and Auburn will be played at home. LSU and Auburn will be the only games in the rest of the regular season that will cause them problems. Just one team remotely gave Alabama a tough time and that was Ole Miss. The Rebels were not able to take over the Rolling Tide and lost 48-43. Five points have been the smallest win margin for the Tide, while 48, when they beat Kent State, has been their largest margin. If they can manage to get past the four teams remaining on their schedule, they shouldn’t see any competition until they get into the playoffs. As it stands now, they would have Michigan, Clemson and Washington standing in their way for a national championship.

West Virginia and Western Michigan

Unlike the Crimson Tide, West Virginia has, what I believe, to be a rough road ahead of them.  The Mountaineers will travel to Oklahoma State, Texas and Iowa State and will remain at home for Kansas, Oklahoma and Baylor. Baylor is one of only nine undefeated teams, and it would be a great matchup if both WVU and Baylor were undefeated for this end of the season matchup. So far, only Kansas State and Brigham Young have created a challenge for the Mountaineers. Kansas State lost by one point and BYU lost by three. If the Mountaineers want to keep their playoff hopes alive, they’re going to have to step it up.

The Western Michigan Broncos have been surprising the college football world ever since week one, when they defeated Northwestern University 22-21. The very next week, they put up 70 points in a 51-point win over North Carolina Central. Western Michigan has not messed around this season and by the way their remaining schedule looks, they should crack the top 15. The Broncos have played Ball State and Kent State away and face Buffalo and Toledo at home. Because of the Broncos’ lack of strength in schedule and because they are a “Group of Five” team, they will not make it to a playoff game. Instead, they will be invited to one of six major games. They would have to win the remainder of their games and hope for a Boise State loss. If both of those things happen, the Broncos can see themselves playing either on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.