Campus Life

More Than Music

by Tanor Joy:

A somewhat introverted guy from a little-known town called Hollywood… Hollywood, Maryland, that is. I became a Christian sometime around fourth grade and have been following the Lord ever since. I’m the oldest brother in a family of six with a happily married mom and dad, a beautiful younger sister, and two punching bags … I mean, fun younger brothers. In short, I’m extremely blessed.

This year marks my junior year here at Grace. I study the Bible under some great teachers like Dr. Rata, Dr. Harmon, and all of the others in the Biblical Studies department. So far my experience at Grace has been a blast! I’ve met a ton of friends amongst “the bros,” made a lot of life-long memories, and I’ve learned a whole lot along the way too.

This year is my first year as Grace College’s new chapel band leader, though it’s not the first time I’ve ever led worship. In the past, I’ve led worship for my church back home, my high school’s chapel band, and even for some folks out in Serbia when I was on a mission trip once. Needless to say, leading worship has been a major part of my life and still is.

This year in chapel we’ll be singing a lot of hymns, a lot of “worship throwbacks” so to speak, and even some new contemporary worship songs much like we’ve sung in past years. But my goal as a worship leader reaches far beyond just the music.

My goal this year is not to please everybody. In fact, people-pleasing has shown itself to be one of the greatest hindrances in my life. As a worship leader and as a Christian, I should want to be able to say with Paul that “I am not trying to please men but God.” He is the reason I do what I do.

Instead, my goal is to know that there was someone other than me singing their heart out to the Lord. I want to hear people say, “I love the Lord. He is so good! I want to live for Him. I want to continue my worship when I go to class, when I go to work, when I go home. I want to take the good news of the gospel that we sing about and let others know the truth. I want to see people come to Christ for the first time.” Or “I can’t wait to see the Lord Jesus in heaven someday. I can’t wait to finally behold His glory.”