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Changes may come to campus vending and laundry services

Paul DeRenzo, Director of Special Events, said that he “would like to upgrade the vending” at Grace by outsourcing them to an outside company rather than self-operating them.

Recently, there has been a “move afoot” to outsource some of the campus services to outside companies, DeRenzo said.  Some services that have already been outsourced include Physical Plant, Brandpoet, Pepsi, and Tree of Life bookstore.  He talked about how outsourcing the vending and laundry services could benefit Grace in various ways.

First, it would provide more selection of food in the vending machines.

Second, it would benefit students because if a particular machine needed maintenance, the company would be responsible to provide it, instead of Grace. The company will most likely be prompt in providing the maintenance needed, because if not, they will continually lose money on the machine that is not working.

DeRenzo said that he believes that even though the vending sales on Grace campus have been modest so far, there is a definite demand.

According to DeRenzo, he would like to outsource to Snyder Food Service, Inc.  DeRenzo was impressed with the company’s vending machines after he attended the Weber school press conference in Ft. Wayne last year and was able to see one in a building there. He said it looked well lit, full, and had a good selection of food.

Currently, there are nine vending machines (not counting the Pepsi machines) on campus.  They are located in Westminster Hall, two in Indiana Hall, the entrance to Alpha dining, East Hall, Beta Hall, Kent Hall, the Science Center, and Mount Memorial.  At first, only five of these be changed over to Snyder Food Services, but the others will follow provided there is a demand.

DeRenzo said that he is “excited about this, because I think we can do a much better job keeping machines filled, [and] keeping them working.”

DeRenzo also said that with this kind of change, there will only be one position for a student employee instead of the three that are currently involved — on paper. However, he will most likely be able to keep those two employees — their jobs will simply change. They will be more involved in special events rather then vending services.

DeRenzo said that “Snyder is a good company — they do other colleges,” DeRenzo said. “I think there’s a lot more up than there’s down.”

Laundry Services

In addition, there will most likely be a change in laundry services as well. The difference will be that the laundry services will also be outsourced to another company

The goal is that Grace will be able to get new washers and dryers that work better. The only downside of this is that it will cost a little more to do laundry. For example, when using the dryers, instead of charging 25 cents for 15 minutes of drying, the charge will be $1 for 48 minutes.

Story by Sarah Kraus | Staff Writer |