Campus Life

Changes in Grace Science

By Zeke Snell

Students of science and math majors, rejoice! Science classes at Grace will see a change in the near future as Grace College plans to break ground this spring and begin moving forward in building the Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex. The donations of Dr. Dane and Mary Louise Miller, Zimmer Biomet and others have helped push Grace to roughly $5,500,000, yet the recent donation from the K21 Health Foundation now puts the funds for the project at $6,500,000 million.

The K21 Health Foundation hopes to further the progress of the Center for Lakes and Streams through this donation to the building project and intends for this to impact the students and community around and within Grace as a result. K21 should see the fruits of their generous gift begin to grow soon.

President and CEO of the foundation, Rich Haddad, stated, “K21 is dedicated to supporting and improving the human health in our county, and the Center for Lakes & Streams is a critical resource and expert in ensuring our lakes remain a great asset for our community.”

The image displayed is a conceptual rendering of the new science complex addition’s Center for Lakes and Streams designated area.

Ultimately, with this addition, hopes are directed at the betterment of our society and the progression of the kingdom of God. Praise be to the One who made such an advancement possible for Grace College.