Campus Life

Celebrate Supermarket Sweep’s Success!

by Hannah England

Shoppers gather around as William Shaffer manages to take down Isaac Stuckey after his run of arm wrestling wins.

Hannah Haines, Hannah Rose, Marissa Evilsizer, Bethany Ingram and Carrie Shepard pose with their receipt after a successful shop.









In Total, 492 students attended Supermarket Sweep this year, and spent a total of $13,271.45 on groceries to donate.  $4,561.38 was spent through gift cards, and $8710.07 came from students’ personal funds, which averaged about $24 per student in attendance.  Students saved $6023.30 by purchasing items on sale and using funds wisely to buy more items.  The item count reached 13,687, with 1,573 of those being items specifically for baby needs.  Once student and community totals were combined, the event raised $25,331.82 worth of groceries to benefit those in need.