ICI Student Lobby Day

By Lorena Oplinger On Tuesday, April 9, a group of Grace students and faculty members ...
April 12, 2019
Arts & CulturePolitical

Dr. Drew Hart Challenges the Church to Confront Past

By Ethan Horst 400 years ago this year, the first Africans brought to North America’s ...
February 7, 2019
Campus LifePolitical

Meet the New Student Body President

By McCalah Mast Jesse Zvers will be replacing Kirsten Mead as Student Body President for ...
May 9, 2018

NFL Protests: Are They Disrespectful?

Caveat: The following articles are strictly the opinions of the writers who created them, and ...
October 19, 2017

Democrats, Republicans and Gorsuch

By Katelyn Minder One of the most important factors in the election of Donald Trump ...
April 6, 2017

Political Face Off: Immigration Ban — Article 2

By Katelyn Minder After less than a month in office, President Donald Trump has arguably ...
March 28, 2017

Political Face Off: Immigration Ban — Article 1

By Caleb Harlow President Trump’s immigration ban has stirred up controversy and started many conversations. Many ...
March 28, 2017

Love Him Or Hate Him

by Katelyn Minder Last Tuesday Americans voted. The 45th President of the United States will ...
November 21, 2016

Opinion: So What About Gary Johnson and Jill Stein?

By Natalia Kurkova The election hype is on the rise as November approaches. Dialogues unfold ...
October 24, 2016

Opinion: 2nd Presidential Debate

  by Brooke Biggins Another presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has come ...
October 24, 2016

Election Update

Election Update Opinion by Andrew Weidman            If you read the last election article published ...
January 16, 2016