Café Mod Opens in Warsaw

By  Andrew Pepe

Ever feel like you need more options for hanging out with friends? On-Campus facilities are not the only option regarding that matter. A student can find fulfillment in the recent opening of Café Mod which is located right near Kohls in Warsaw.

Café Mod has many unique features that make it attractive to students. It is a fairly new place with a very nice setup designed to make it nice for hanging out. They also play contemporary music, which is always welcome among young adults looking for entertainment. Café Mod’s inside is fairly small, although I don’t believe this to be much of a factor. Their designs are not fully completed since it has so recently been opened.

One thing I heard about Café Mod from many different people is that their cinnamon rolls are absolutely amazing, so if you want some fantastic cinnamon rolls, then you should consider getting over to this place. They have a website online that people can go to see what they have to offer which is cafemodcoffee. com.

Café Mod often offers many great deals during the week; a few weeks ago they provided chocolate covered espresso beans for just $3.50, and they also sometimes provide free things for the customers. On January 5, they gave away free drip coffee to the public because they saw that the weather was awful outside. They did this because their number one priority is customer service and serving the public with care, they say.

As I went there to check it out this week, I got the feeling that their main goal was to provide a relaxed environment where friends and family were very welcome. This is a fairly new place, so you can be sure that they will come up with many more great deals and also more interesting products.

I believe everyone should go check it out and see what they have to offer there. Café Mod had Grace’s Open Mic last week and many students thoroughly enjoyed hanging out there and said this place has a lot of potential. They also gave 50% discounts on all products to students who brought their ID cards.

The phone number to reach them is 574-269-0700. If you want the most recent updates and deals that Café Mod offers, you can go to their Facebook page.