Campus Life

Bowling Club Starting Up at Grace

By  Grace McDillon

Gone are the days when bowling was just an activity for a typical date night in Warsaw. Gone are the days when bowling came at the bottom of a short list of things to do in Warsaw—“We could go to Wal-mart or Steak n’ Shake. Maybe we could see a movie or…go bowling?” No more! Think that you’ve mastered the pins on those date nights or Fridays with nothing else to do? Then the bowling club at Grace is for you!

Bowling is on its way to becoming a varsity sport at Grace College. “I started the bowling club as a way to start the bowling program off…,” said Ashley Petitt, founder of the bowling club. “The goal is to get it to be a thriving club then a club sport and then eventually a varsity sport.”

However, the vision for a new varsity sport should not discourage anyone from joining the bowling club. Although Petitt plans to move the club forward into an official Grace College varsity sport, the goal for this semester is to learn and have fun “Anyone can come out and bowl. It doesn’t matter what skill level you have. The beauty of this club will be that we all are there to have fun, but we can learn along the way from each other,” said Petitt. In other words, whether you bowl a solid average of 45 or maybe even score into the triple digits, the bowling club welcomes you!

Petitt expressed that commitment from the student body may come slowly. Nonetheless, just because some may have to miss a week here and there does not mean they are disqualified from joining. Petitt said, “I’m so passionate about this club because I want something the students can take ownership in. I want those students to know that they are still welcome even if they miss a week or two.” So don’t let that monthly Tuesday night meeting keep you from coming out to The Bowling Alley for a stellar time!

Petitt plans to kick-off the club the first week of February. The club will meet every Tuesday night from 4 to 5:30 p.m at The Bowling Alley on 1535 N. Detroit Street. Thus far, The Bowling Alley has been very generous to Grace College students in the past by offering discounts and opportunities for bowling nights. “…They were more than excited to work with me in organizing the details about this club using their alley to meet,” said Petitt.

So, if you’re looking for good times, good friends, and a good turkey (munchies not guaranteed) then contact Ashley Petitt for more details.