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Behind The Scenes: How the Student Activities Board operates

Butterfly-stomached freshmen get to laugh their heads off at Freshman Follies their first night at Grace.

In the cold of the New Year, nearly eight people crowd into a five-person car to get good seats at Buffalo Wild Wings’ Wing Night. And every Grace student that’s burned out by the last week of the school year in May happily burns the rest of their energy at Grace’s Blowout.

All these and endless other events liven the Grace College Campus through the efforts of SAB, Student Activities Board.

The proud leaders of SAB this year are Kearstin Criswell and Lydia Cole, who both love being a part of the think tank for campus entertainment.

Within this think tank are seven specific members who work to pull together ideas throughout their meetings, sometimes for hours. These members include Courtney Telep, Liz Palmer, and Matt Hiester, to name a few.

Their mission: try and fill in the things that might be missing in Grace’s social life. “I love being able to see a plan follow through to completion,” Cole says. “And to see my team take some of their own ideas and bring them to life.”

Altogether, including volunteers, there are 14 SAB members, whom Cole calls the backbone of SAB. These volunteers contribute not only to the planning of the events, but to their promotion, set and clean-up, and coming up with new ways to keep their calendar fresh.

“The way it goes is, you take what you hope you can do and see if you can make it happen on campus,” Palmer sums up.

The seven officials of SAB meet every week to put their heads together to pull off their agenda as smoothly as possible.

The way SAB goes about throwing an event together is to appoint one or two members a “leader” of the general planning and organizing. This normally works out according to each member’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pacing themselves, they only tackle one semester at a time. Plus, the members of SAB change every year. But any and all ideas are put into a binder that’s left behind for either inspiration or follow-through.

Cole has used the binders herself, seeing them as a sort of framework to go on, instead of running into the new semester blind.

SAB usually reaches for 12 to 14 different events per semester. The group, like any other, operates on a budget and they work hard to get the maximum out of an event without overspending. And even that part can be fun.

Liz Palmer has helped head paintball, Movie Night and the Variety Show last semester, as well as SAB week, coming up in April.

A couple of SAB favorites, not to mention regulars, include the Jr/Sr Banquet for the upperclassmen, Homecoming, ice skating in Fort Wayne, study breaks, and the ever-popular Blowout.

Along with the golden oldies, SAB is always pushing itself to come up with new and creative ideas. For example, the Game Show event, based on “Let’s Make a Deal.” And Milkshake Night, also in April.

How does SAB manage to arrange (sometimes even rearrange) all these festivities on and off of Grace Campus?

Lydia Cole states it’s no problem; “Warsaw LOVES Grace students, point blank.” After SAB has held an event, they hear so many compliments on the behavior of the student body, thus the business is always happy to have Grace students come back!

That boosts SAB’s confidence in their opportunities and chances to give Grace students fun-filled events to look forward to.

Story by Haley Bradfield | Staff Writer |