Beauty and the Boycott — Opinion

By Katelyn Minder

A few weeks ago, the Christian world was rocked by the live action film version of “Beauty and the Beast.” Arguably the most controversial topic since Trump in the Christian sector, the inclusion of a gay character disturbed more than one Christ follower. Boycotts began and the keyboard warriors cracked their knuckles as social media exploded into mass chaos. Some argued that the movie was not fit to be seen, others blamed a political agenda, and still others were disappointed in Disney. However, how big of a deal is this really?

Just a reminder: This is only my opinion. I am not saying I am right or wrong, just voicing my personal thoughts. I believe that those calling for a boycott are being unbelievably hypocritical and petty. So many issues out there should be a much bigger deal than a short clip of a man who is interested in another man. Besides, how many other TV shows and movies do Christians watch that also are controversial to the faith. For instance, in our beloved “Friends,” pre-marital sex is celebrated. Is that not also under the umbrella of sexual immorality? The Marvel Universe is pretty terrible as well. Not only do characters curse (which is a sin), but Iron Man makes a point of sleeping around. Children’s movies even have inappropriate sexual innuendoes in them (“Minions” comes to mind). It is difficult, if not impossible, to name a current TV show or movie that does not include some blatant sin —especially a sexual one. Are they not all equal to each other?

The way to deal with something we do not agree with is not always to boycott it. Maybe, just maybe, we should let ourselves be in the world, but not of it. If we truly want to minister to people that we do not agree with, should we not attempt to see where they are coming from? It could be that movies and other forms of entertainment are the best way to do that. Homosexuality is not the only thing we should be concerned about. Will this movie lead to more instances of gay characters? Probably. But what a fantastic conversation starter they could be!