Campus Life

Beanie Bowl 2018: One for the Books

By Alicia Reeve

The 2018 Beanie Bowl was one for the books. It truly had everything: packed crowds of students eagerly watching from the sidelines, delicious funnel cakes, alumni and faculty referees, unpredictable weather, commentary by Professor Mike Yocum and Campus Safety Director Glenn Goldsmith and, of course, flag football. The preliminaries were held on Thursday, Oct. 5, during which the second-year boys beat the third-years 14-0, the third-and-fourth-year girls won against the first-years 21-6 and the first-year boys defeated the fourth-years 13-0.

After a very rainy morning and afternoon, the weather cleared up just in time for our own Grace College Friday Night Lights. The men’s championship game between the second and first-years was a tension-filled nail biter. The two teams were neck-and-neck during the entire game, both determined to come out on top. Although the rain had subsided, the field remained wet and muddy, as the players slid and slipped their way into the end zones. At the end of the second half, they were tied 21-21 forcing them to go to Golden Goals; the first team to score would win. The first-years started with the possession and ran a touchdown play that gained them the victory. The second game of the night brought with it anxious expectations as the women’s class of 2016 had been thus far undefeated in the Beanie Bowl. The third-and- fourth-year girls showed up ready to claim their third championship. And they did. With a score of 38-0, the ladies in pink dominated the field.

All classes played hard and played well, celebrating this time-honored Grace College tradition. It was a lively and thrilling start to the homecoming weekend, which also gave students a glimpse of what to look forward to during Spring B’s G.I.P flag football season. Congratulations to the victors!

Image above: Third-and-fourth year girls along with their coaches, Luke Steppey and Dennis Glass, celebrating their victory.

First-year boys after winning the men’s championship game.