Campus Life

Back in Five Reunion Show

By Katie Yocum

Students began lining up outside of the Winona Lake Heritage Room’s doors at 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 5. A Back in Five show was set to begin at midnight, so everyone wanted to ensure that they had the best seats.

The show was not your typical Back in Five show, however; it was a Back in Five reunion show, which included both past and present members of the team.

One of the returning members, Daniel Guyton, spoke about his time on the team, and what it meant to him to come back.

Guyton was a bit of an oddity as he was on the team for longer than any other member. He joined in 2013, his freshman year, and continued to perform with the group through 2018. His career in Back in Five began because he was encouraged by his freshman breakout group leader to audition. Despite being a self-professed class clown, Guyton initially had no desire to join; however, his leader saw great potential in him and continued to push for Guyton to try out.

Guyton eventually decided to audition. He arrived late to the auditions and didn’t even go to the callbacks.  Despite all this, he was offered a spot and remained on the team until he graduated.

The first group that he was a part of included Sam Cahill, Madison Heinl, (who was the breakout group leader who pushed him to join), Jordan May and Eric Totheroh.

Guyton stated that he came back for the reunion show so that he could reconnect with old friends. He also enjoyed performing with the team at Grace, knowing that it would be a great opportunity.

Guyton stated that would love to come back in the future for another alumni show and hopes that the reunion show would become a repeat occurrence.

Image above: An all-star Back in Five cast includes members from many past years. From left to right (top row): Ethan Roberts, Jordan Weimer, Matthias Meiers, Elizabeth Mattia, Nick Choate, Daniel Guyton.  From left to right (bottom row): Kenzie Moeller, Chrissy Karako, Olivia Erwin, Cheryl Spencer, Madisson Heinl, Eric Totheroh, Brock Rhodes, Colin Rea, and John Hollister. (Photo creds: Madisson Heinl)