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Anonymous blog and twitter account attracts student attention

In this age of technology, we all have the opportunity to make our opinions and talents known.  The creators of both the Twitter account, Grace_Problems, and the satire blog, The Student Union, know this to be true.  They both use computers, phones, etc., to expound on what is happening at Grace and to provide entertainment.

Grace_Problems is a twitter account run anonymously with the goal of making changes at Grace College through tweeting about problems.

In the words of the representative of Grace_Problems, the account was created because “we hope to change the game and to build a better campus and college experience for the average student.”

Students may also find the account under the name Alva J. McClain.  This is the name of the founder of our college and seminary.  McClain Hall was named after him.

On the choice of the name, the spokesperson said, “Alva J. McClain was a ‘game-changer’ at Ashland College and a key component in starting Grace, and that is what we ultimately want the twitter account to be, through humor, critiques, and the voice of the students, a game-changer and builder at Grace.”

Some students really appreciate their humor and their ambitions.  Danielle Lorenz, a junior and avid “tweeter,” thinks that they are very funny, and “it is good because they talk about things that aren’t often talked about,” Lorenz said.

Other students do not appreciate their direction.  Joshua Hamlett, a junior, said the main problem is that “students are complaining to one another rather than giving constructive criticism.”

A staff member, Dave McCall, has mixed feelings on the matter. “I like that GP exposes things that typically get suppressed but dislike its one-sidedness,” McCall said. “It definitely doesn’t give balance.”

Grace_Problems believe their account will change the campus because of the number of people (students, staff, and faculty) who follow them.  Students are engaged in changing their campus, according to the spokesperson.

The fact that it is a medium for students to voice their concerns adds to their anonymity.  They do not plan on revealing who they are because “this account is bigger than any one individual and should represent the entire studentbody, as a whole.”

Another medium on campus for entertainment is the satire blog , “The Student Union.”

Created one night as a result of boredom, this blog has grown with a large following (over 2,600 page views so far).

The spokesperson said, “Our goal was, and is, to provide Grace with a light and humorous outlook on events around campus, whether true, fictional, or embellished.”

Due to negative feedback when using names of students, they have chosen to change their names (they do, however, include the names of faculty and staff).

As another anonymous page, the spokesperson explains, “This is not because we feel we have something to hide, but we just believe it is more interesting to our readers if our identity is unknown.”

These writers are eager for their work to be read.  They attempted to have a paper copy to hand out (but could not continue due to costs).  They are also planning contests, so keep a lookout on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

As the writers get older the spokesperson stated, “As graduation grows closer, we will evaluate and strategically plan for our future as a team. We may be looking into bringing additional writers on to continue the legacy the Student Union has created.”

These are two avenues that students can interact with, find entertainment in, voice their own opinions and thoughts on, and build community within.

Story by Katie Graham | Staff Writer |