Campus Life

Alpha FEmale Week

By Whitney Worthe

The term “Alpha dog” refers to the top or dominant dog in a pack. Alpha FEmale Week is the Olympics of Alpha Dorm. It is what separates the top Alpha hall from the rest. Alpha girls look forward to this event all year. How did these games begin? What are the Alpha Games?

The Alpha FEmale Games appeared for the first time in the spring of 2010. Sara Hightower was the Resident Director of Alpha that year and was the creator of these great games. Hightower was a hardcore Olympics fan, and it just happened that in 2010, the winter Olympics were hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Hightower decided that these games needed to grace the halls of Alpha as well.

At the time, House was the ARD for Alpha, and together, House and Hightower watched various videos of the Olympics. They took notes over the opening ceremonies and some of the special things that make each Olympics unique, such as having an opening hymn, flags for each country, specific distinctions for the host country, and the events themselves. The Alpha FEmale Games became Hightower’s baby as she spent most of her time figuring out the games.

The games would run from Sunday to Thursday night. Each team would be represented by a color: red, yellow, purple, green, blue, and black. The event would officially open with the ceremonial singing of the Alpha Hymn which was written by Ashley House to the tune of “Almighty Fortress.” Hightower and House would run into the hall wearing wreaths and togas to begin the games. After singing the hymn, the running of the torch would take place where, for the first year of the games, the torch sat lit outside during the entire week.

Since then, Alpha FEmale Week has become such a beloved event that it is now an annual event for the Alpha dorm. Instead of having the RD and ARD take charge, the Resident Assistants of the dorm now host the games. The winners originally got to pie Hightower and House, but now, the winning hall gets the honor of getting to pie their RAs.

“When Hightower and I created the games, we wanted them to not only give the girls a healthy competition between each hall, but we also wanted the games to bring them together.” House explained, “Alpha women are up for anything, and the games are really the proof of that fact.”

House and Hightower never expected the games to be as big of a hit as they are, but as House put it, “The upperclassmen have really helped with promoting it. They get the freshmen girls pumped up for the games months before they are even in the process of being planned.”

This is a celebrated event that many of the girls look forward to all year long, and they are the games that determine the “Alpha” girls of Alpha Hall.