Alpha and Beta Come Together for Fall Fun.

By Hannah Hubbard

The fall party for all of Alpha and Beta was better than “good.” The sister-brother dorms gathered together Friday evening at the Alpha circle for some traditional fall activities. People meshed around the fire to make s’mores and sip cider while others played cornhole and handjam.

The night reached its climax and levels of frivolity increased as the promise pie eating contest started. John Sloat requested volunteers, “tributes” he called them, from each floor of both Beta and Alpha. The corresponding pairs then stood across from each other, a pie on the table in between. Without the use of forks or hands the teams alternated sticking their faces in the pies while the crowd cheered names or “pie, pie, pie!” In the end it was too close to call and a tie between floors three and four was announced.

The clear, starry night provided the perfect background for the two halls to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. The old adage rings true: ‘where there’s pie, there’s a great time to be had.’

Winners – Jacob Bassett with Colleen Homoelle & Spencer Mason with Jess Dunning