Campus Life

Advancement Celebrates Hitting 30 Million for ASPIRE Campaign

by Hannah Hubbard

Funds for the ASPIRE campaign just passed 30 million. Last Monday, Oct. 30, 2017, staff and students were invited to celebrate this achievement with Grace’s Advancement team.

The party was hosted by the advancement team and held in the Advancement offices found on the 3rd floor of McClain Hall. The ASPIRE campaign is considered comprehensive, including the new Science Center Complex, Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams and the Grace Fund.

The party was the result of collaboration between Drew Flamm, vice president of advancement, and Kelsi Griffith the director of advancement operations.

Griffith said, “30 million is a huge milestone for the ASPIRE campaign and the party is a time for us to celebrate with our students, campus family, donors, and friends.”

Isaiah Zeller, a student who attended the party said he went “because it seemed very interesting. 30 million is a lot. I have friends who work there as well so it was good to come see people and enjoy the celebration.”  

As students, staff, and donors climbed the stairs to reach the celebration they encountered the prominently displayed ASPIRE 3D board. The ASPIRE poster-board reads “I ASPIRE For You To” and  “I ASPIRE To…” If visitors contributed their response and stuck it on, they were entered in a raffle for gift cards.

Moving up the stairs to the first hallway people encountered enormous letters spelling ASP RE. People were invited to stand in as the I for a photo op. In two of the offices were stations where visitors could participate: one was for calling donors to thank them, the other was a social media room where people could share the ASPIRE facebook post and enter another drawing for a prize.

When asked about the setup of the party, Griffith stated, “The campaign is for our students and our staff and they have been instrumental in getting us to the 30 million dollars, so we just want to join together in celebrating this milestone with Grace.”

Grace alumni have been the ones to close the gap by contributing the largest amounts to the ASPIRE campaign so far, according to the ASPIRE fundraising campaign blog. Hannah Todd, who works on the alumni team in the Advancement Office, handed out the “I Aspire To” notes for the poster board.

“Part of the Alumni Office’s job is connecting them to Grace, helping them understand what they are donating to,” Todd commented.

The advancement team is still working towards closing the gap to reach the final goal amount. After raising 30 million, seven more may not seem like much.