Arts & Culture

A View of the Hunt

by Liz Palmer


As I strap myself in the back of freshman Emily Naganashe’s car, junior Ashley Mazlin, junior Natasha Ngwenya, sophomore Maria Denlinger, and I prepare ourselves for SAB’s Twitter Scavenger Hunt. As we make our way slowly towards Westminster Hall, we wait in anticipation for the first tweet to be sent out. As our phones beep in unison, we receive our first clue, “You usually would take your bike down here. Get your message under the caged ball in the sand.”

Shouts erupt from every car passenger. What could it be? Where should we go? Only seconds later Maria yells, “GO TO THE TRAILS!” As we race down the construction-ridden roads only to find a handsomely dressed Brock Rhodes directing us to a place to park. The team takes off on foot to receive their first clue to our final destination.

Running back to the car, the girls produce a piece of a map of Warsaw in confusion, only to be interrupted by the beeping of our next clue. “You may have not seen a lot of her, but if you lose your key and get locked out of your room, go see her.” Seen-a-lot? Keys? Sina Locke! As we make our way to Indy, passing other cars that are a part of the Hunt, we come to a halt in front of Indiana Hall. As the team rushes in and out of the building with another piece of a map, we receive another clue.

“These people make a singing group – a policeman, an Indian, a construction worker, and a sailor. Go to the main entrance.” Of course, we conclude this must YMCA. As get to the entrance, we cannot find someone to give us a clue. Were we right in our thinking? What else could it be? Minutes later, Matt Hiester pulls up to give us a hint about The Village People….Village people…GRACE VILLAGE!

Pilling back into Emily’s car, we drive to the village, relieved to think we might be in first place since no new clues had been tweeted to us. As we arrive to warm greetings from Village residents, our next clue directs us to Mount Memorial. This is followed by another clue to go to Dr. Slaughter’s house. As we receive the last part of the map,our final destination is revealed — the Library. We managed back into a stone pillar, but luckily left the scene mostly unscathed.

Rushing with joy to the entrance of the Library, we discovered we were indeed in first place and had won the Twitter Hunt! Emily, Ashley, Natasha, and Maria chose their prize: free tickets to SAB’s Destination Unknown event. Overall, the Twitter Hunt made for a crazy car ride and an exciting day.

Hannah Kemerly and Danielle Olson