A Response to “A Girl Against Yoga Pants

By Jarod Ward

Since I have limited space to write on this complex topic, I will be succinct. This entry does not apply necessarily to the author’s personal convictions, but rather any attempt to enforce personal convictions upon others. I’m not advocating for immodesty.

First, the writer assumed responsibility to ensure that the men around her didn’t sin by lusting. I applaud her for attempting, but this is not her job, nor is it possible. People will sin regardless of how one acts. In fact, I would deem much of what she said as degrading to men, implying they simply “can’t help themselves” when women dress immodestly. This is the classic portrayal of “men are pigs.” To the contrary, I believe true men of God are men of self-control and honor. To adjust a community standard to cater to men with little self-control is to continue to enable their immature behavior, not help them mature.

Second, modesty is cultural. Where I was abroad, women often showed cleavage, not to be immodest, but to express femininity. This is not wrong. The Bible values modesty to protect one’s testimony within a culture. Yoga pants are a part of modern, American culture. To wear them is no longer seen as wrong by the general public and therefore should not be treated as such. It seems to me that sometimes Christians are so afraid of sin that we overcompensate in trying to protect others and ourselves from it. We then create rules that are not biblical, but extra-biblical.