A Girl Against Yoga Pants

Grace College announced this fall that yoga pants are within dress code, provided they are worn with a longer shirt. This rule makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. Fashion is changing. Plus, yoga pants are downright comfortable. Still…

I am a girl against yoga pants. #unconventional, right off the bat.

But just like a lot of you, I was raised to believe in purity. Not the walk-the-line-but-don’t-step-over-it kind of purity, but, instead, the more rare don’t-push-the-limits purity.

But we all believed in that in fourth grade, right? No cleavage, no super short shorts, things like that. But once we went to high school and yoga pants became an everyday piece of clothing, we changed our minds.

When the world suggests you change your mind, what stops you? What keeps you from changing your mind? Often it’s your most deeply held values.

If for no other reason, what about the guys? What about the guys who need our help in the battle against lustful thoughts? What about the ones who don’t struggle with that until we introduce it to them?

I know what you’re thinking…Even if I don’t wear yoga pants, there will still be 50 other girls who do. Well, you’re right. They will.

But here’s something that’s easy to forget: God doesn’t compare you to the 50 other girls. He cares about you as an individual. God won’t judge you against other girls’ standards; He won’t even judge you against your standards. He’ll judge you against His.

I know what else you’re thinking. The “shirt long enough that it covers your butt” rule isn’t immodest….

But honestly, isn’t that like walking right up to the line and testing God’s idea of purity? What happens when you sit down; is your shirt still long enough? What happens when we adjust our idea of purity to this, and then we change our minds again in a year or two and decide yoga pants are modest no matter what shirt we’re wearing?

I humbly suggest that we stop asking if what we’re doing is holy enough, and start asking God to help us strive toward the things we aren’t capable of attaining without Him.

Alone, I can tell myself yoga pants are okay. But with God, I can avoid anything that is slightly less than pure. Less than what God desires from His beloved children striving to be like their Father. I can be different and be proud of it. And so can you.

Be one of the few that doesn’t wear yoga pants out of the house.

Be different. Different was never going to be easy.