Kirsten Mead: Student Body President 2017

By Hannah DeGaetano

Kirsten Mead was recently elected to be Grace’s new student body president. Here is a little background on Mead and a few of the goals she is working towards during her term as president.

Q: What year in school are you?

A: I am a junior.

Q: What is your major?

A: I am a political science major with an English minor.

Q: Where are you looking to go after graduation?

A: Pursuing the lobbying section of the political field, but I’m interested in any door that opens up.

Q: What made you want to run for Student Body President?

A: I started out in Student Senate here on campus and became familiar with its functioning. I developed a heart for what Student Senate is and for what it could be; I want to nurture its potential on campus.

Q: How will you strive to make Grace a better place?

A: My desire is to see Student Senate be a more efficient body so that concerns may be acted upon in a meaningful way. I want it to be a place for students’ voices. I want more connection between staff, faculty and students. Senate is in a really good place to do that.

Q: What are some of your goals as the new Student Body President?

A: Information is empowering. Increasing communication about stuff on campus as well as raising awareness about campus culture and environment can foster healthy conversation and discussion, leading to relevant change.

Q: What changes are you going to make to the current set up of the campus?

A: I want to listen to the student body and be a voice for the students. “Developing and increasing the staff/faculty/student relationship will naturally lead to organic change on campus.”

Q: How will you reflect Christ’s love for others?

A: As Senate works to create healthy campus culture and encourage the importance of listening, my hope is that it will reflect some Christ-like qualities. Since Jesus displayed the ability to listen, it is important for students to feel that someone is listening to them. Inclusiveness means that everyone has a place of belonging at Grace; by partnering with other student organizations such as Mosaic, Student Senate can work to achieve this. Senators have to have a heart for those on campus, which makes them want to listen. I think this is a Biblical approach to representation and advocacy – caring for the individual and making a difference for the community.