Campus Life

2017 Homecoming Court Bios

Michael Hsu

I am an Elementary Education major and I live in Kent. Some of my hobbies include: spikeball, super smash bros, playing the kazoo, and adulting. MBTI is ENFP which basically means I like people so come talk to me if you see me on campus!







Marcos Navarro

I was born in Argentina and raised in the Winona Lake/Warsaw area. As a fourth-year senior, Majoring in Biblical Studies and Minoring in Behavioral Science, I am potentially looking towards full-time, Pastoral ministry in the local church. Engaged to be married to Hannah Kline in December. She’s awesome. Movies & filmmaking are my primary love-language and I would love to implement that love into my ministry and maybe make a movie someday. That’d be cool.





Marc Baldwin

My full name is Marc Anthony Baldwin and I am from Buena Park, California. The center of the Southland as we say. I have three older brothers, one of which graduated from Grace in 2007. In high school, I was a part of the water polo and swim team for four years. When coming to Grace in 2014, I had to switch over to a different extracurricular activity to which I chose Theatre. I had never been a part of a play or a musical before, but in the spring of my freshman year I decided to take a chance with the musical Zombie Prom. I made the cast and fell in love with the stage. Besides Theatre, a few of my favorite things include coffee, sunsets, and Captain America.



Blaze Bowers

Hi, friends! My name is Blaze Bowers, and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Grace was the first and only college I looked at, and I have come to love my student body family here! I am a third year senior, Secondary Social Studies Education & History major, and will soon be a student teaching. I have served on Student Senate and have been blessed to get to know all of the amazing people and professors here on campus. Falling in love with Jesus Christ and the community here at Grace has truly transformed my life. I cannot say how honored and blessed I feel to be on homecoming court this year. It’s truly a huge honor. I cannot wait to enjoy all that Homecoming has to offer along with you all! Come say “Hi!” anytime. I live in Kent!


Madison Cowman

Hi, my name is Madison Cowman. I am a third year senior studying Communications. I am a firm believer in the tagline, “eat well, travel often.” I am all about adventures!! I love to travel and try new things, so if you ever want to go on a spontaneous road trip…I’m your gal! New coffee joints, thrift shops, and used book stores are some of my favorite city finds, and hiking trails, mountains and lakes are the best finds in nature! I’m also super competitive: whether it be Monopoly or a game of tennis or soccer. I’m currently training for a half marathon but I’m too cheap to pay for a legitimate race so I will just create my own!



Chloe Mann

My name is Chloe Mann. I am a 3rd year student and a communication major. I am currently an RA in Encompass apartments. You can find me usually at a coffee shop, or making banana bread or dancing. I love being around people & anything that is outdoors!







Rachel Gregory

My name is Rachel Gregory and I am majoring in Elementary and Special Education. I am from Akron, OH. I have a love for coffee and spending time with people. Some of my favorite activities include hiking, running, and playing volleyball. My bucket list is full of travel destinations and adventures like cliff jumping. After graduation, I hope to be a teacher someday and then go into children’s ministry. I am thankful for my time at Grace because it has taught me important life lessons along with giving me the greatest friendships and memories of my life.



Emma Neahusan

Home for me is the small town of Middletown, Maryland. I love to play soccer, which is why I consider it an incredible privilege to be a part of the women’s soccer team here at Grace. I was a growth group leader in Westy during my sophomore year and I enjoy participating in SERVE events. I love to run and be active. I have always been passionate about health, which is why I am pursuing a career as a doctor. I am a Health Science major and am currently in the process of applying to medical school. I love to bake and try out new recipes (thank you, Pinterest), mainly because I have a big sweet tooth!